CEARAC carries out following activities:
  1. To identify main concerns on marine and environment coastal assessment, establish a collaborative regional monitoring programme in order to cope with identified problems and evaluate its implementation
  2. To develop special monitoring tools for marine and environment coastal assessment which cannot be covered by routine pollution monitoring and establish a collaborative regional monitoring programme in the fields of special monitoring programmes
  3. To carry out assessment of the state of the marine and coastal environment and loads of pollutants, based on the results of the regional monitoring network
  4. To prepare guidelines and tools in various fields of coastal environmental assessment
  5. To provide technical advice to NOWPAP members on special monitoring of the marine, coastal, and associated freshwater and atmospheric environment, and on assessment of pollutant input wherever required
  6. To develop training and educational programmes and to plan and organize training courses and relevant technical workshops in the fields of special monitoring, assessment, and use of guidelines and tools
  7. To disseminate information and raise public awareness, in particular, that of populations directly concerned with information and the management on the marine, coastal and associated freshwater in the NOWPAP region
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