Current Activities

There are two working groups (WG) established under CEARAC and they have been implementing various activities:

WG3: monitoring and assessment of Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) including red tides

WG4: application of remote sensing (RS) techniques to the marine and coastal environment monitoring

In recent years, CEARAC has expanded its focus areas and implemented new activities on assessment of the eutrophication status based on the outcomes of the 2 WGs and on conservation of marine biodiversity. CEARAC hopes that its activities on marine biodiversity can contribute to creation of an ideal state of the marine environment for marine life in the NOWPAP region.

In addition, since NOWPAP initiated marine litter-related activities in the region in 2006, CEARAC has actively involved in them in cooperation with other RACs to reduce marine litter.

Achievements in CEARAC Activities


  • Marine Environment Assessment Method for conservation of marine biodiversity

Marine Litter

Further Development of CEARAC Activities

Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB)

  • Regular provision of the latest HAB information in the NOWPAP region

Remote Sensing (RS)

  • Regular update of Educational materials for utilization of RS data for marine environmental conservation
  • Regular update of references and website links about ocean remote sensing in the NOWPAP region


  • Publication of regional report for conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in the NOWPAP region


  • Refinement of common procedures for eutrophication assessment

Marine Litter

  • Best Practices for prevention of marine litter input from land-based sources
  • Collection and harmonization of NOWPAP monitoring survey

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