The First Meeting of NOWPAP Working Group 3(WG3)

The First Meeting of NOWPAP Working Group 3(WG3)

The First Meeting of NOWPAP Working Group 3 (WG3) was held on 28-30 October 2003 in Busan, Republic of Korea. The meeting finalized the Draft Terms of Reference for WG3, discussed and agreed workplan for WG3.Date : 28-30 October 2003
Venue : Busan, Republic of Korea
Participants : Experts of NOWPAP WG3, Invited guests and Secretariat

Summary of the meeting : See below;

  1. Review and lessons learned of the experiences of HAB in the NOWPAP region
    1. Dr. Hak-Gyoon Kim of National Fisheries Research and Development Institute made a presentation on the Current HAB and Mitigation in Korea. He introduced the trend of Korean fisheries and coastal damages from HAB. He also introduced red tide warning system in Korea.
    2. Dr. Osamu Matsuda, an expert from Japan, made a presentation about red tide investigation in Seto Inland Sea, western part of Japan. He summarized that COD load control contributed much to the reduction of eutrophication level and occurrence of HAB.
    3. Dr. Yasuwo Fukuyo, an expert from Japan, made a presentation on the activities conducted by other international organizations, such as IOC, WESTPAC/IOC, ICES, PICES and APEC.
  2. Finalization of the terms of reference for WG3

    The meeting finalized the draft terms of reference for WG3. It will be forwarded to the second CEARAC Focal Points Meeting which will be held in March 2004 in Toyama, Japan for final adoption.

  3. Workplan for WG3

    The meeting agreed the immediate activities of WG3 as follows;

    1. Establishment HAB-database of NOWPAPThe meeting agreed to establish the database on HAB, which is composed of the secondary data such as scientific papers, research report and so on, to share the data and information on HAB in the NOWPAP region. Furthermore, WG3 plans to provide the useful information for mitigation and monitoring of HAB with the data and information from the database.
    2. Preparation of National Reports and Publication of Integrated ReportThe meeting agreed that National Reports on HAB would be prepared by the WG members every two years. In addition, it agreed Integrated Report would be published based on National Reports every two years.
    3. Information dissemination by the Website and NewsletterThe meeting agreed to disseminate information about activities of WG3 through the CEARAC website and Newsletter.
    4. Workplan for 2004/05The meeting agreed the detailed workplan for WG3 for 2004/05. The second WG3 meeting is planed in autumn 2004 in Qingdao, China.

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