Cochlodinium polykrikoides

Cochlodinium polykrikoides
Cochlodinium polykrikoides is a very small phytoplankton and invisible without a microscope.

This Cochlodinium polykrikoides is well known red tide causative organism and sometimes caused mass mortality of fish in NOWPAP region. Therefore scientists in NOWPAP, China, Japan, Korea and Russia, decided to study the species cooperatively.

NPEC assists these researchers and supports the study.
Now, it is a chance to think about the problem occurring in the sea of NOWPAP region together.

NOWPAP covers sea and coastal area surrounded by the following States, China, Japan, Korea and Russia. The coverage is from 121 to 143°E in longitude and 52 to 33°N in latitude.


Since “Cochlodinium polykrikoides” is hard to read and remember, we call it just “Cochlo” simply hereafter.