Harmful Algal Blooms(HABs)

Integrated Report on Harmful Algal Blooms for the NOWPAP Region (2011)[13,498KB]

WG3 updated the Integrated Report (2005) by adding the latest information on occurrences in the member states. In addition, warning and action standards for each causative species in the member states were reported.


Booklet of Countermeasures against Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in the NOWPAP Region (2007)[7,143KB]                                                                                                                         

In some member states, HAB occurred every year and damaged fishery activities. To reduce the damage, institutes and experts developed countermeasures against HAB. This booklet introduces information on countermeasures implemented in the NOWPAP member states.


National Reports on Harmful Algal Blooms(HABs) in the NOWPAP Region (2004-2005)
China[746KB] / Japan[1,448KB] / Korea[2,063KB] / Russia[448KB]

Summaries of National Reports on Harmful Algal Blooms(HABs)(2004-2005)
China[23KB] / Japan[85KB] / Korea[24KB] / Russia[49KB]

WG3 summarized the information on HAB occurrence in the NOWPAP member states and published the National Reports and the Integrated Report on HABs to understand the HABs situations. In the Integrated Report, various kinds of HAB-related information in each member state were summarized and necessary future activities in this region were clarified.